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Actionable Digital Intelligence

A lack of actionable digital intelligence should never be a rate limiting factor to business performance and growth. As marketing spend continues to shift into digital channels your measurement strategy needs to keep pace with the times.Business strategy is about competing and winning. We help clients implement digital intelligence programs that track and monitor performance of interactive channels, establish benchmarks, optimize key performance indicators, improve decision making, and—perhaps most importantly—deliver a clear line of sight to business goals and desired results.

Our consulting services cover:

  • Data-driven strategy development and implementation
  • Capability assessments and roadmap development
  • Developing performance measurement frameworks
  • Defining key metrics and data analysis methodologies
  • Measuring and optimizing online marketing campaigns
  • Social media and mobile measurement
  • Segmenting and analyzing audience behavior
  • Content testing and optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Voice-of-customer analysis
  • Designing standardized data tagging guidelines
  • Tool evaluation, configuration, and integration
  • Transitioning to data management platforms (DMPs)
  • Cross-functional team alignment/coalition building

Identify and Delivery Value

We work diligently to audit all sources of channel data – including web, search, email, surveys, video, social media, games and mobile – to identify and deliver value, whether in the form of increased sales, improved lead generation, lower costs, improved user experiences, or stronger customer relationships.

We do this by increasing conversion rates, optimizing performance, maximizing engagement, and increasing customer satisfaction across the right mix of digital media… as strategy dictates.

Answer Key Questions

Throughout the process of working with clients—business owners, CMOs, and digital marketers—we help them answer critically important questions such as: “which of my online channels is working, how do campaigns and channels interact, who are our key audience segments, what digital assets deliver the most value, and where should I focus my attention for the greatest returns?”  The result:  the realization of superior data-driven marketing strategies and performance.

Industry-Specific Context

Different industry verticals and brand profiles call for different approaches.  We perform competitive and market intelligence to establish baselines and inform our Driver-Indicator framework.

“As the remit of marketing continuously evolves to accomodate sophisticated consumers, expanding touch points, and diversifying technology standards, so too must the role of analytics.”

- Joe Stanhope, Forrester Research

Process Overview

Driver-Indicator Framework

Our Driver-Indicator framework is rooted in a hypothesis-driven scorecard approach to strategy performance management. It is supported by an underlying behavior-based segmentation design that optimizes interactive channels and builds stronger audience engagement. The framework is customized for individual clients. Key phases of the process include:

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1. Identify Drivers of Success

Where is the business headed? How is it getting there? If not already clearly defined, we help clients uncover and better understand the drivers of business success.

2. Translate into Digital Intelligence Strategies

Different industries and business models should be using interactive channels in unique ways. Each overarching driver of business growth must be supported by key performance indicators (KPIs)—for example, company revenue, customer satisfaction, and cross-sell and up-sell results—that measure and benchmark the unique contribution of digital intelligence programs to bottom-line results.

3. Develop & Analyze Customer Segments

Customers are on a digital journey and expect a seamless experience across every interaction. It is imperative that digital intelligence programs identify key customer segments to understand the mindsets and behaviors that drive different levels of engagement and conversion. A wider set of web-based metrics are used to track, monitor, and analyze segment behavior at the activity-level across digital assets in market (e.g. videos, blogs, search ads, twitter, etc.).

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4. Optimize Asset & Channel Performance

As customer segments respond to interactive media campaigns, digital intelligence programs reveal critical actionable insights into channel performance. Reports are developed and data is mined to a) optimize the timing and delivery of offer, content and channel b) drive higher goal conversion rates c) build stronger engagement with audiences and d) maximize return on investment (ROI).

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Trending SnapshotThe average number of digital channels used by marketers has essentially doubled over the last five years, from 3 to 5.8.1 As a result, managing customer interactions has become increasingly complex — the volume of customer data proliferating all the while —across a new mix of earned and owned media channels.

The adoption of social media and mobile, in particular, have fragmented the digital media landscape, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to understand and manage return on marketing investment.

According to Aberdeen Group, the single biggest limiting factor to success remains a “lack of strategies and business processes to track, capture, and comprehend the impact of web analytics deployments.”2

1. eMarketer. ‘For SMBs, a Path Towards Digital.’ October 2012.
2. Aberdeen Group. ‘Web Analytics: Marketing Beyond Online Customer Data.’ January 2012.


  • Data rich, insight poor
  • Difficulty capturing the story behind the data
  • Measurement strategy not keeping pace with fragmentation of digital channels
  • Feeling increased pressure to demonstrate marketing ROI
  • Lacking standardized practices and frameworks
  • Lack of dedicated digital analytics resources

Introducing the Digital Intelligence Maturity Matrix

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