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Closing the Analytics Skills Gap

The role of the web analyst is not easily defined and is diversifying all the time.   Furthermore, web analyst roles are unique to the digital team in that their aptitude directly impacts the quality of broader team strategic decision-making and performance.  Arming analysts with basics skills is important.  However, empowering analysts to advance their learning beyond the basics—in the context of the specific business challenges facing their organization—is even more valuable.  In short, training that keeps analysts ahead of the game keeps marketing teams ahead of the game.

At Scope Analytics, our customized training programs take employees deeper into applying web analytics skills.  We focus on helping analysts not only develop technical skills, but also—of equal importance—the business and marketing skills needed to take web analytics into practice.  We strive to kill “doorstop reports” that destroy continuous improvement cycles.

How is our approach to skills development unique?

Our web analytics training philosophy is fundamentally different.  We deploy an onsite contextual (i.e. case-based) skills development model that directly helps clients convert challenging digital intelligence issues into immediate opportunities for business growth.  Traditional classroom-style training is an effective way for staff to acquire generic knowledge about web analytics, but generic knowledge needs to be interpreted and applied in practice to be truly valuable.

Unlike other web analytics training services, our approach to learning is based on problem-solving in the direct context of your business and, most importantly, the specific data analysis challenges you face using the data you have access to onsite.

Each training program is customized to address the skills gaps that promise the greatest return on investment.

Key Technical skills we cover:

  • Ad-hoc analysis techniques
  • Building advanced audience segments
  • Developing and interpreting custom reports
  • Campaign reporting execution and analysis
  • Measuring site goals and conversion rates
  • Attribution modelling
  • Social monitoring and analysis
  • Funnel report analysis
  • Create data filters and profiles for custom purposes
  • Content experiments (A/B and multivariate testing)

Key Business skills we cover:

  • Project management and communication strategies
  • Defining clear objectives – synthesizing business requirements
  • Translating business needs to analytics requirements
  • Identifying and driving requirement trade-offs
  • Understanding organizational politics (“managing your message”)
  • Distributing and communicating web analytics data
  • Report presentation skills (best practices)
  • Multi-tasking and flexibility – productivity improvement
  • Collaborating with external partners

The Process:

To kick things off, we interview clients to assess the root causes of performance issues from a variety of angles and perspectives.  Next, we identify the skill gaps and process breakdowns that are stunting digital intelligence maturity.  Finally, we deliver a customized training solution to analysts (or teams of analysts), accelerating digital intelligence through best practice knowledge transfer and web analytics skills development.   Once the scheduled training program is complete, we stay connected to clients to assess results and make sure training goals where realized.

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Trending SnapshotAccording to Corporate Executive Board, a U.S. business research and advisory firm, Executives are looking for a 20% improvement in employee performance next year from current levels.  Moreover, a recent Skills Gap study also shows that marketers are struggling to acquire the right skills to do their jobs effectively, with 75% of all respondents stating that their skills gap has a direct impact on corporate revenue generation.  Unfortunately, 63% of respondents also stated they receive no formal skills training or receive skills training on an “ad hoc” basis.1

Funding for education and training of the marketing team should be part of every marketing budget. To maximize return from training dollars, firms should be considering customized, contextual training options that take employees deeper into applying web analytics skills they need to improve firm performance.

Business leaders need to remain cautious about every dollar spent on employees, but they also need workers to show greater skills and results.

1 Focus and the Marketing Automation Institute. ‘5 Steps for Closing the Skills Gap.’  November, 2012

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